Team Tindogs

We are Tin Dogs Fine Art, or Tin Dogs for short, we run a bespoke giclée and screen printing company catering for the high-end art creation and replication market. Collectively, we have over 45 years of relevant experience in the professional printmaking field.

After working for a major art printing company for over 17 years, we decided to start a new printing workshop that would output top quality work. Over the last 5 years we have provided a bespoke, personal and creative experience for artists and publishers, paying particular attention to detail, respecting the original artworks whilst creating an original brilliantly executed print.

We have produced prints for various art publishers, and galleries including the Tate, the National Portrait Gallery, Art Republic, Ink-d gallery, Prescription Art and L & S Printing to name a few.

Some of the great artists that we have worked with are:

Andrew Millar, Art of Treason, Art Republic, Ben Eine, Carl Cashman, Carne Griffiths, Carrie Reichardt, Chris Kettle, Cosmo Sarson, Chemical X, Louise McNaught , Laurie Vincent, Magnus Gjoen, Maria Rivens, Jake wood Evans, ,Jamie Durrant, Dan Baldwin, Gary Stranger, Oddly Head, Stanley Donwood, Sarah Shaw, Grande Dame, Natasha Coverdale, Zeus, Vee Bee, Waleska Nomura