Screen Print

Tin Dogs fine art has 40 years of pure screen-printing experience.We offer artists the chance to work directly with the printer to create the perfect finished piece. The registration, colour matching and print finish quality which we provide have been acclaimed by artists, publishing houses and galleries alike.

We have perfected the use of C.M.Y.K digital and handmade separations to split images into their constituent colours in order to make the acetates for exposure on to silk screens. This allows us to gauge which technique will lead to the perfect reproduction. We use mainly water-based inks for our colour work, and a mixture of water-based and spirit based varnishes to achieve our finishes.

Giclee print

Giclee prints are a high-end inkjet reproduction of an image. Our giclees are produced using our 2 Epson 9900 printers, which are recognised industry wide as one of the finest printers within its field. The Inks we use are Epsons’ own brand so are of the highest colour and archival quality.