Photography and Art Reproduction



We now provide art reproduction shots in a studio in Hove, which is located 5 minutes from Hove station with a drop off and collect service with a 48 hour turnaround time (quite often it can be 24hrs, though this can depend on number of works ).Work can also be collected and returned if required.

1 - artwork £44 per unit

2 – 4 artworks £38.50 per unit

5 – 10 artworks £33 per unit

Over 10 artworks £27.50 per unit

These prices cover reproduction on works all the way up any size where longest edge is two metres. Ideally works should be unframed & not glazed. For larger artworks beyond this size, its POA.

Shots are on a PhaseOne IQ 150 medium format digital camera (file size for those who like numbers varies between 50mb-80mb). All the images are shot tethered to a studio Mac.RAW format is used at all times for shooting, so theres the maximum flexibility for adjusting images.

Only prime lenses are used, Lens of choice is a Schneider Kreuznach LS 80mm.

Profoto flash lighting is used for all the art reproduction & images are colour balanced while shooting.

Prices for location based art repro are POA but a general guide would be from £135 upwards. Works that are very large, are in situ & can’t be moved would normally be considered but travel range is limited to the Southeast within 1.5hrs of Brighton.