Photography and Art Reproduction


We now provide art reproduction shots in a studio in Hove, which is located 5 minutes from Hove station with a drop off and collect service with a 48 hour turnaround time (quite often it can be 24hrs, though this can depend on number of works ).Work can also be collected and returned if required.

1 - artwork £44 per unit

2 – 4 artworks £38.50 per unit

5 – 10 artworks £33 per unit

Over 10 artworks £27.50 per unit

These prices cover reproduction on works all the way up any size where longest edge is two metres. Ideally works should be unframed & not glazed. For larger artworks beyond this size, its POA.

Shots are on a PhaseOne IQ 150 medium format digital camera (file size for those who like numbers varies between 50mb-80mb). All the images are shot tethered to a studio Mac.RAW format is used at all times for shooting, so theres the maximum flexibility for adjusting images.

Only prime lenses are used, Lens of choice is a Schneider Kreuznach LS 80mm.

Profoto flash lighting is used for all the art reproduction & images are colour balanced while shooting.

Prices for location based art repro are POA but a general guide would be from £135 upwards. Works that are very large, are in situ & can’t be moved would normally be considered but travel range is limited to the Southeast within 1.5hrs of Brighton.



We are also one of the only print companies in the south-east that can produce digital separations and Acetates for exposure onto silk screen . This is essential for certain aspects of the silk-screen process and gives us an advantage over our competitors. It also gives our clients exceptional flexibility for experimentation before deciding upon the final production of their piece.

Artists can send us their pre-created separations to out-put, or we can separate an image provided into its constituent colours ourselves. We have specialist software for the creation of CMYK half-tone separations for multi-layered screen print reproductions and a specific profile has been created by us for the production of tonal (not half-tone) acetates for lithographic plate exposures.