Sam Hewitt

Sam Hewitt has been living
and making art in Brighton for 15 years. He is currently best known for painting Brighton street-scapes. These scenes often counterpoint a sense of light, colour and beauty, with a feeling of aloneness and the
brutal passage of time.

"These paintings represent the movement of light, coming from the sun, moving around humanity and it's endeavours, into my eyes. The act of demonstrating my perception
is both joyous and excruciating but it's what I am left with and it is what it is. Meaning is fleeting and often illusory both in life and in art. We all face a simple choice, try to feel it or give up. Both options have their results and this is the process."


Sam has been an actor, indie rock musician, street performer and decorator. He has always been a visual artist however and turned professional in 2003. Fortunate to train under Sam Rabin in his teens, a master of life study and former teacher at Goldsmiths, the human form has often been integral to his work. Sam studied Visual and Performing Art at Brighton University in the early 1990's. He regularly exhibits in Brighton through Cadmium Arts Promotions and at a wide range of art fairs with Fourwalls group of artists.